Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 2 Around Nelson

Today we travelled to Mahana school and arrived in time to see the Year 7 and Year 8s engrossed in a cooking challenge.
The cooks were all soooo motivated and were having a fantastic time creating their own variations of a scone. We were able to sample the first two batches - scone with berry coulis, and pinwheel scone with banana and chocolate. YUM. I love the kitchen!!!
Great tip from here is working with a staff to ensure all know exactly what to do with photos in a school. We all tend to take an abundance of photos and it would be invaluable to have a flow chart to determine what to keep and where.

From here we went to Appleby school where we working on a Google Doc for a Google presentation and chatted with the staff. I was able to share my Twitter link - YAY.

Then we went to St Paul's school for a staff meeting around class blogging.
Great new resources:

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