Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Room 4 Circus 2009

WOW, so sad Wikispaces is closing, but so delighted to find these treasures. Way, way back in 2009, our whole class was fully blended - working both face to face and online. Perhaps the best example of this was when we fully lived the circus dream, from planning, to auditioning, to acting out and reflecting on our performance. 
So glad I got the chance to copy this out.
Just the other day I ran into one of these amazing clowns and we shared many a fond memory about our learning journey together...  VERY special.... 

-Circus Reflection...
I felt...
- nervous because there was a big crowd said Kyle
- less shy because I remembered not to be shy, said Will
- excited because it was my first time performing in a circus said Matthew
- glad to perform in the room 4 circus again said Sinead 

- glad to perform in front of my parish Buddy and make her laugh said Jemma
- I felt scared walking on my stilts and I felt great honking my horn said Shannon
- I felt happy performing in front of my parish buddy said Courtland
- I felt nervous at the start then near the end I felt really happy said Olivia
- I felt very, very nervous performing in front of the whole school said Kymberlee
- So proud and exciting to be in a circus said Charlotte
I wondered...
- How many people were watching me said Kyle
- Who my Parish buddy was while I was performing said Sinead
- How many old people came to watch our funny act said Jemma
- If my Parish buddy was watching said Olivia
- I wondered if my parish buddys were coming said Kymberlee
- I wondered if my cousin came said luke
-I wondered if we did well said shannon
I tried...
- New things that I have never done before said Kyle
- New ways to try to make our act shorter said Sinead
- New things that would make people laugh in my act said Jemma
- To get things right said Harry
- I tried to add new things to the puppet act said Olivia
- I tried to get ideas for my act said Kymberlee
- To get things right and to do my best and make it short said Charlotte

I learned...
- it’s hard to cut down time from our circus to save time said Kyle
- Parish buddies don't like too much noise said Jemma
- it is hard to perform to heaps of people said Sean
- don't turn your back to the audience said Braydon
- that you have to make your act interesting said Sinead
- that you have to come to the front of the stage so the audience can hear you said Olivia
-that our our parish buddys don't like to much noise said Kymberlee
-I learned that performing in front of an ordince is fun said shannon
- To get thing ready on time said Charlotte
I used...
- all my talents to make new acts said Kyle
- my spare time to practice my acts said Jemma
- my skills said Harry
- some talents I didn't know I had said Olivia
- all my talents and teamwork said Kymberlee
- all my thingking t
- all my skills and talents said Sinead
- My best skills said Charlotte

You can only imagine how proud I am of you all. What an amazing performance today!!! You are all sensational. You were very entertaining. I can't wait to share the photos and video with you all on Monday...

Are you getting ready?

Check out the programme and let me know if there are any changes please!

Circus Personnel 

Stage Managers: Olivia, Cayden, Charlotte 

Music: Mrs K 

Backstage Manager: 

Lighting Controller: Wilson, Ryan 

Props: Will, Kymberlee 

Front of House: Callum, Kymberlee, Connor 

Circus Programme: Shannon, Luke 

Today you will see:
Ringmaster 1 Harry 
Ringmaster 2 Sinead 
Ringmaster 3 Rylee 
Ringmaster 4 Maddy 
Photographer – Kyle 
Water clown – Jorge 
Noisy – Shannon 
Buzzy –Charlotte 
Sounds Alive Circus 
Madison, Braydon, Cayden, Ryan, Connor, Bradley 
The circus is in town 
Room 4 
Rag doll 
Callum, Harry, Braydon, Wilson, 
Jolly jugglers 
Rylee and Will 
Bradley and Ryan 
Tom and Cayden 
Sean and Courtland 
Tappityy tap tap – Mrs K and Mrs F 
Fun land 
Sinead, Kymberlee, Rylee 
Callum – harmonica 
Olivia – recorder 
Harry – guitar 
Rylee – guitar 
I’m tricky the clown 
Sean, Sinead, Callum, Harry 
You think you are so good 
Wilson, Will, Kyle 
Biker boys 
Ryan, Jorge, Kyle 
Hula hoopers 
Jorge, Madison, Connor 
Tumbling down 
Wilson, Courtland, Will, Tom 
The human puppet 
Olivia and Jemma 
Squeaky pow 
Bradley, Connor, Madison 
Snake charmers 
Maddy, Jemma, Jorge, Braydon 
Scaredy pies bubblelicious 
Cayden, Luke, Shannon, Madison 
Party poopers 
Sinead, Rylee, Maddy, 
Fizzy pop 
Kymberlee, Charlotte, Matthew 
Pyramid paradise 
Magic stuff 
Courtland, Kyle, Luke, Tom 
Who will let the clowns out? 
Tom, Harry, Sean 
High walkers 
Shannon, Sean, Luke 
No breaking allowed 
Kyle and Will 
Wonky donkey 
Whole school 
Thank you for coming to our amazing, extraordinary Circus. 
What have we got?
Cool Circus music!
Tricky the clown lip synch
Tightrope walkers - Maddy, Rylee, Sinead
Bubble blowing clown - Cayden, Luke, Madison
Photography - Kyle
Water clown - Jorge
Gymnast clowns Sort out acts
Puppeteer/puppet - Jemma, Olivia
Stilts Stilt walker
Guitar - Sinead More circus instruments
Rubber hammer - Connor Act
Pie throwers - Luke and Shannon - Story?
Poem recital - Courtland Actors
Clowns in boxes routine Actors
Headstands - Will and Wilson Act
Fizzy treat - Kymberlee and Charlotte Tray, lemonade, food colouring
Balancing - Maddy More balancers??
Jugglers - Bradley, Ryan, Braydon,
Hulahoop dancers - girls
Magicians - Harry and Kyle
Magic tricks
Tricycle race
Balloon bursting
Trick handshakes
Table tricks
Feather duster tickles
Invisible dog - Charlotte

We need:
Stage Manager
Music Manager
Backstage Manager
Front of house - welcoming
Ringmasters - one boy one girl
Programme creator
Mime coach

Click on this link to check out what you can do for our circus. Add your name to any of the acts you can do. Remember to think about your talents and choose what you would really like to do.

I am extremely impressed with the effort you have put into preparation for our circus.
We now need to make sure we all have acts we are working on in groups.
There is no I in team!!!
We need to research clowns and acts to make sure we fully understand our role.
When will you practise?
What props will you need?

What do we need in our rubric?
Who will be ringmaster?
Who will be prompt? director?
Who will write the programme?
Who will make the poster to advertise our circus?

How will we plan for our Parish Buddy circus?


Friday, June 16, 2017

CORE Breakfast - Future Focused Education, Understanding the trends

What an absolute privilege to participate in Derek's session this morning. So many challenges, so many takeaways, so many discussion starters..... Check out the storify of tweets...
And Derek's slides...

Thursday, April 20, 2017

40 years on...

40 years on from the time when Mr V flicked the 'learning switch' within me,
Six months on from tracking my form one and two teacher down in Niue, where he now resides,

and today we met up again!

Wow, what an incredible privilege to meet again face to face!  Our email exchanges over the past few months have paved the way and we recognised each other instantly. 

I was transported back to the very enjoyable time of learning... the time of photos taken on Keith's camera around Allanton, developed in the converted cupboard at the top of the stairs from the staffroom.  I can still close my eyes and reimagine the smell of the chemicals, and the trays, and tongs, and the importance of the procedure and process.  I still feel the overwhelming sense of trust Keith had in us, respect and trust.  

The photos may have faded, but the memories and the history is strong... 

Agh, the times of going door to door around the community, gathering favourite family recipes, typing them up, and using the banda machine to copy of recipe books to sell to raise funds for school camp. There were enduring elements of trust, fun, choice and self direction in Keith's programme.  

I have always attributed my love of photos to Mum and her 'box-brownie'.  Just today, I realise, that Keith, you probably enhanced this. As we have moved to the digital error, I take countless photos... something like 20+ a day on average... and have treasured memories of most of life's journeys.  I am always capturing perspectives through the lens, and think I always will.

Our relaxed chatter over lunch was a real privilege after a 40 year gap.  So much to catch up on, so little time.  A precious reminder - take and make time for the important things in life. Who has had a significant impact on your life?  Do they know? If not, maybe now is the time to tell them...

Today though marks a very special day for me... I am an educator, I am a connected educator, I am a facilitator, ... maybe, as Mum calls me, I really am a 'facilitator of happiness'!!!

Happy to have reconnected today, thanks Keith!

Forever grateful that I took the time to write about my 'learning switch' flip,
Forever grateful of the chance connection to locate you via email in Niue,
Forever grateful for the passion for learning, that you modelling, and the empowerment and agency you gifted us...
Forever grateful that I held the dreams you gifted us, and went on to become a teacher...
Forever grateful for the power of technology, when used for good, to connect us online, to enable the face to face connection,
and even more grateful that this face to face connection will endure future online catch ups....
Until you return later this year.... lunch is on me next time!

Thank you for the trust, respect, passion, love of learning, inspiration and genuine care...
The world is a greater place when people inspire others... You inspire me, and in turn, may I be half as inspirational to those I walk alongside....

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Independent Reading Activity with Instructional Series

How are you using the Instructional Series?
I would like to share how I have been working with classes to use this site for a follow up independent reading activity after an Instructional Reading Session. 

On an iPad, using Safari (yes truly Safari), type in http://instructionalseries.tki.org.nz/  
Use the filter function to the level of books your learner is working with. I have filtered to purple.  If you click on the word purple you will see the titles that are available to listen to independently or with a buddy or group. (using ear buds, or using as a listening post with a splitter.)

On the top right of the iPad, click on the upload icon, then click on 'add to Home Screen'

Click on the Add button on the top right.

This appears as an icon on the iPad to books in the Instructional Series filtered to Purple. 

The critical step now, is to add a purple sticker or dot to this iPad, so learners know if they are on purple this is the iPad for them. 

Repeat filtering to other levels, and adding other dots.

I would love to know how this works for your learners.  

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Makamaka - Saddle Hill

Growing up in Allanton under the shadow of Saddle Hill, Makamaka as I now know it, I have often wondered of the stories and legends.  

Saddle Hill's twin humps are named for the body parts of the famous taniwha (mythical monster) Matamata. The large hump is his belly - Puke Makamaka - and the smaller is his knee - Turi Makamaka. Another tradition identifies the Hokonui hills as his resting place. Both use the taniwha's restless movements as an explanation for the land forms and river courses of the area. Matamata is identified with Kati Mamoe chief Rakitauneke and the Otakou chief Karetai. (I saved this some time ago, and unfortunately I did not copy the source, and now cannot locate it. If anyone is able to help with this please let me know.)

"The Taieri was once the abode of a taniwha (water monster) which had its home up the Silver-stream Valley near Whare Flat. Its nest was a swamp, Waipotaka (round pool), but it was of a restless disposition so it journeyed down stream to the place where the town of Mosgiel, and the woollen factory, now stand. The hollow where the town exists was formed by its weight. Mosgiel did not meet the monster's demands so it tripped down the Taieri River. Wriggling and wriggling it made all the sharp bends between Allanton and Otokia. This part of the Taieri is called Te Rua taniwha and its former resting place at Mosgiel is Te Konika o te matamata. When the taniwha died it became Saddle Hill near Riccarton with two main humps named Puke Makamaka and Turi Makamaka." source http://nzetc.victoria.ac.nz/tm/scholarly/tei-TayLore-t1-body1-d21.html 

Slow down and listen...

I started the day with a very slow walk.  After an epic day of walking yesterday, and a very sore knee there really wasn't an option for anything else.

Yesterday was a HUGE day.  My early morning walk was listening to podcasts, my late afternoon walk with Susan was all about chatting and catching up on each other's lives.  My evening walk was a stroll along the beach with Grant, after our picnic tea.  

This morning's walk was again listening to podcasts but it was different.  It was SLOW, slightly PAINFUL, with a very sore right knee and it was reflective.  As I first listened to 'slowing down' I had a new insight into my reflection on my practice. It really is fact that we learn far more by reflecting on our experiences than we ever do while experiencing something. I also learnt a lot about the power of procrastination.  On this, my first week back at work for 2017, much of my week seems to have been procrastination.  This podcast helped me realise the potential of incomplete tasks, and the value of leaving something and coming back to it with fresh eyes!  If we complete a task, we often do it rapidly, settling for our first idea.  If we procrastinate for too long we are often pressured into completion of an idea that is not well thought out or developed, but if we procrastinate, re-visit, reflect, we can often be more creative and complete work that is innovative.  

For me as a Professional Learning Solutions, Ministry Accredited Facilitator, there is a huge a amount of food for thought in this podcast.  How do we deliver professional development, and support transformational change that allows for a degree of procrastination? My initial thoughts are this:
We need to:
  • Develop a relationship with the people we work with, a deep, trusting relationship.  This takes time, and brings the tension of beginning the work, developing the relationship. Increasingly I think we need an intricate mix of blended ways of working. Our relationship begins to develop with the very first contact, the phone call or email, and continues well beyond our last session.  
  • Foster collaborative ways of working.  As the relationship(s) develop, we are increasingly compelled to collaborate.  
  • Be transparent in our ways of working, actions, processes, activities, goals.
  • Model and encourage reflection.
  • Inquire into our own practise and share our learning journey.
  • Explicitly identify, acknowledge and value ways of working and being. 
  • Be vulnerable.  Share our own learning and vulnerability.
  • Identify, acknowledge and build on capabilities and capacities.
  • Foster sustainable change.
I am very excited about the year ahead.  Unlike my teaching colleagues I do not have a class to prepare for.  I have something unique to us in our role as facilitators, something I am beginning to identify more and more as a unique privilege.  I have the privilege of meeting new educators, with a passion for learning.  I have the privilege of walking alongside them in an inquiry, unique to them, their context, their place, their journey.  I have the privilege of being able to bring different perspectives, resources, ways of working, to support and extend the incredible journey educators make daily to improve outcomes for all our learners, the future of our world.   

So, off now to work on my own inquiry... time to really reflect on my incredible PPLP session with Margaret and prepare for gathering evidence as my own inquiry grows this year.  Indeed an exciting time ahead.... 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Stop, Listen, Go...

For over one year now I have committed to walking 10,000 steps a day.  Yes, I have missed the odd day, and yes it has transformed my life.  I am fitter, happier and healthier.  I absolutely love the opportunity to get out and walk.
For most of the past year I have listened to music as I walk.  While I was walking around Naseby tracks and trails I began to notice that I would return from a walk and I could not tell you much I what I saw, heard, smelt or felt during the walk.  This got me thinking, was music distracting me from the act of walking?  Was it blocking the reality of walking?
I tried a couple of walks in silence.  I sure did notice more.  I noticed the colours, the sounds, the smells and the feel of the breeze, or sun.  However I got back from these walks totally recalling the walking, the length, duration, steps, and some of the JOY of walking was missing.  I persevered and found that walking in silence wasn't necessarily working for me either.
Yesterday I caught up with Rowan and she talked about podcasts.  For the longest time I have been meaning to download podcasts, and last night I did.
Today I listened to a podcast as I walked.


I walked far further, and jogged far more than I realised.  I was in the moment of walking, jogging, listening to inspiraitonal talks from the TED Radio Hour.
Today I listened to "Being Happy" and "Headspace".  Both of them delighted and inspired me. This also got me thinking.  Maybe the secret is in mixing up my walking.  Maybe I can walk in silence in the beauty of the tracks and nature, listen to music in the busy town streets, intersperesed with listening to podcasts.  My takeaway from today is that whatever I am doing I need to focus on what I am doing.  Being fully present to what I am doing.  "Stop, listen, go", a very cool phrase from my podcast from the Ted Talk "Want to be happy, be grateful".

I am really excited about the potential for learning, thinking and reflecting while walking...

Saturday, October 29, 2016

TEDx Christchurch - WOW

WOW what a day... Here we are in Christchurch at TEDx...
I am, as always, totally in awe of the power of the story.  Today is my first ever TEDx of seven device free.  I am taking notes, in the dark, in a little lined notebook.  It is my first attempt to capture TED talks in a sketchnotey type of way.  I am loving it.  It is focusing me in on the CORE of the message.  I am loving it...
So, at the end of the day, or sometime over the weekend, I will upload my sketchnote, and my key takeaways.

My first absolute highlight was seeing our Gemma on stage, and hearing Gemma.  WOW Gemma, you are amazing.  Your sound captured us, heart, mind and soul.  You looked a taonga, in the CORE korowai.  Your voice is a beautiful gift you shared with us all...

Photos to come... 

Friday, October 28, 2016

TEDx Christchurch - Grant Ryan

Grant Ryan

"Grant is a two-time TEDxChristchurch alumnus and a hopelessly addicted inventor. He has founded a number of companies including GlobalBrain.net (sold to NBCi), Real Contacts (sold to Intel), SLI Systems (listed NZX) and Eurekster, YikeBike and Pure Pods. He is now having fun trying to help make NZ predator free with The Cacophony Project. He has also served on the board of the New Zealand Government's $140 million Venture Investment Fund, $430 million Foundation for Research Science and Technology. Grant has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Ecological Economics from the University of Canterbury."

WOW!!! LOved this talk! Dreaming of a predator free NZ!!!!