Friday, August 8, 2014

Design thinking: think agile, discover & innovate

My first session at #edchatnz with D
Design thinking: think agile, discover & innovate
What if, and so what of learning, questioning what we are doing.
Reflecting on our own learning and journey!  
Be agile, flex, play, be adventurous and courageous.  
Study of what designers do and how they create - designers sharing their story.  How do you come up with something that will change the world?
The invention of the ipod as an example...
So what is design thinking!  
Abductive thinking....
Pull it down or push it out type of thinking and flexing between the two - a state of highly productive ideas... 
Seeking and asking beyond the obvious.... digging deeper!

Going beyond the obvious, coming up with an innovative solution!

Woohoo, here we are working our way through the design thinking process... and I have a new tweep in my PLN @nessiedavina
What a fabulous opportunity to get to know someone really well in a short space of time.... 
A HUGE thank you to Diane Carvello for an inspirational session!!!!

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