Friday, June 10, 2011

Murray Gadd modeling persuasive writing

I had the great fortune to be at Oamaru Intermediate school while Murray Gadd was in town running literacy workshops. I was able to attend two modeling sessions.
Murray talked us through his lesson plan for the day then modelled a persuasive letter writing session.
He clearly defined the writing task and allowed the learners time to clarify their understanding of and to use the vocabulary of persuasive text. The learning task was very clearly recorded on the board then the learners were engaged and motivated with the sharing of “Click, clack, moo, cows that type” by Doreen Cronin.
The humour and persuasion of the text were discussed and planning was modelled as one possible way to start.
Plan – think about character – think about demand - often planning can happen in your head or allow flexibility with planning.
E.g. Chicken Incubator for eggs, a day off from laying eggs,
Pig warm mud, day spa,
Murray chose one of these to model further..
Reason for a day off laying eggs – fresh out of eggs, routine, boredom, sick of crouching,

Character      Demand       Reason       Consequence
Chicken day off laying Sick of routine Rampage, broken eggs, leave,
Everyday off,

Murray modelled an opening sentence.
Dear Farmer Brown,
We’re sick of laying eggs so give us a day off. – discuss, take suggestions, model additions to sentence…
Dear Farmer Brown,
You are our favourite farmer, but we are getting a little tired of (the routine of) laying eggs, so please give us a day off.
The task was again clarified and as learners were able to verbalise their character and reason they were sent off to write.
The learners went straight to the task, motivated and engaged in their persuasion.
I need to model more!!!!!!! I also need to use reading as a writing motivation. Planning can be optional. If the learners are scaffolded to the starting point planning may be unnecessary. Scaffold and support for most of the learners to head off to task and support those who remain.

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