Friday, June 10, 2011

Workshop – building a writing programme - with Murray Gadd

We started with Colin Thompson's "The Big Little Book of Happy Sadness" 
We talked about writing for a purpose.   We need to have a minimum of 20minutes independent writing per day. 
Get writer to read their work aloud, read their work aloud, and model to assist sentence formation. 
Read the spelling section of the ELP – written by Joy Alcock.  Spelling should be taught during the modelling process. 
Assessment is based on a piece of writing ready for the reader – not on the first draft!  Get to what you need to teach from the first draft, then model and support to get the piece ready for the reader. 
Give the writer prompts as opposed to directions – get the writing ready for the reader of the audience. 
We shared another great picture book - My teacher’s secret life - author Stephen Krensky
Term plan – writing around the topic
Generally – there is a literacy demand in the AOs in the curriculum
See Writing Monitoring sheet – identify those with a need for a mini workshop – also identify those who need an extension.  Mini lesson – model and scaffold on a blown up piece of one of the learner’s writing… 5-10 minute lesson.  Scan the work into the smartboard. 
We shared "How to be an explorer of the world" by Keri Smith.
We need to provide a real range of independent writing tasks.
See suggested process for developing a cross-curricular unit with literacy demands.  A great workshop which really lit my passion for the writing programme. 

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