Monday, February 13, 2012

Daily 5 in action...

Last year I visited Amanda at Summerland Primary School in Auckland.  I was fascinated with the literacy programme she was running and have spent considerable time becoming familiar with Daily5 and CAFE.  I am soooooo convinced that the programme will help learners with all aspects of literacy and will make it possible to teach to the learners need.  A key component of the programme is reading mileage - reading more everyday.  To make this possible all learners today were given their literacy kit, or learning lunchbox as one excited learner called them.  With this kit, learners are prepared for reading to self, reading to someone (reading buddy or teacher), listening to reading (reading buddy or online), writing, or vocabulary/sounds alive work.  The readers have a range of reading material and 'work in progress' in their kits.  A really exciting moment was when we set up our individual learning zones so we are now ready for the movement of some desks to bring in collaborative tables and learning spaces.
As I was working with a group I glanced up to see the class in action.  I had tears of joy as I saw motivated, engaged, focused learners working in and around the class.  I sent a couple of learners of with cameras to record what they saw. These photos give an idea of the exciting learning in action.

There are so many places around the class where we can read with our buddy.  The important part is EEKK, we are reading elbow to elbow, knee to knee, so we can really focus and share our reading.

There are many learning spaces for working on our writing or sounds alive.  It is soooo exciting to see our learners trying many different learning spaces and working out which ones work well for each learning session.   I even saw learners listening to a CD in the cave and writers writing at the 'writing desk'.  I will try to get someone to take photos of these tomorrow.

I think the most exciting of all was to see how easy it will be for us to spend our time on learning, not searching, organising or being distracted!  We have now set up our learning space to have our individual workzone - with our bags now stored in the back room.  EXCITING!  I can't wait for the sessions tomorrow to tell and show you more about it!

A message to all the learners in Room 6!  I am sooooo excited about the development of our learning spaces.  And I am so in awe of your enthusiasm and excitement for our learning.  YAY!

I reflection for me: take my time; reflect on the successes of today with the learners; discuss challenges; work slowly towards the development of the next phase of learning spaces!

CELEBRATE the success!!!

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