Saturday, November 3, 2012

Matarangi to Auckland

Finally I am back to continuing the MAGIC journey on the way to Ulearn...

Barbs, Allanah and I said our fond farewells to the beach and heading off on another adventure - destination Auckland, ETA 4pm.  Leaving Matarangi at 11am makes this completely achievable... but you know us...
Anyway off we went, caching before we went far...
First cache - "Over and Out" Coromandel. A quick easy find with stunning views, then "Kiwi Zone".

Another find, "Double Trouble" and a stop to hug a gorgeous Kauri tree and on we go again.
Travelling on we arrived at the gorgeous Tairua!  What an amazing little town.  We arrived while they are celebrating a British weekend...

First stop, a cache to find across the bridge then scallops and fish at the park... YUM!
Well, with a tummy full of fish, chips, scallops and ginger beer Barbs thought it would be a good idea if I 'popped' up the steps to find cache "Lookout ! for the gazebo".  I said sure - just 130 steps... well it's actually 205 steps up and it is right at the top of the hill overlooking Tairua.  The walk up nearly killed me on a full tummy... then I had to wait for tourists to leave before I could scurry down under the gazebo to reach the cache... Poor Barbs and Allanah probably thought I was never returning...

Finally back to the car and off we went in search of a MUST FIND cache for me "The MAGIC tree".  (No, not magic mushrooms, Jane).  Well, this sure is a very well named!  I could live here...  We found three girls 'holidaying' in the MAGIC tree and they helped us find the cache, and I think three young cachers were born!

If you look closely you will see the hammock and seats set up where the girls were 'holidaying' in the tree.
On we heading towards Auckland, realising that our ETA for the tweet-up at Garrisons was going to be a little out.  
We had a wonderful catchup with friends then Barbs and Allanah 'handed me over' to Helen and the Princess for the night.
What an awesome time Princess and I had with the dress ups again and a much needed early night!

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