Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Sunday 3rd July - Sailing towards Juneau - Cruising up the inner passage

A late breakfast after the sea settles.  A trip to the gym – WOW, this has to be the best view ever in a gym – right at the front, running up the Alaskan coastline.  

 We went to a couple of Presentation shows and have now booked all our shore excursions. A late lunch in Lido, then my first nana nap of the journey, a very welcome catch up on my sleep deprived schedule.  Formal attire tonight and a sumptuous dinner in the Manhattan lounge followed by Marquee Showtime which was stunning, then Jimmy Maddox, Piano Man playing Beatles medleys in the Piano Lounge. 

Highlight of the day – the waters settling as I really was unsure how I would cope if they stayed rough!

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