Monday, January 13, 2020


What a wonderful early in the early, early in the year read!

Toward resilience

Apart <—> Connected
Hierarchy <—> Lattice
Them <—> Us
Winning <—> Interacting
Brittle <—> Flexible
Just in time <—> Slack
Excluded <—> Included
Willful <—> Perceptive
Fearful <—> Honest
Static <—> Bandwidth
Facts <—> Stories
Barriers <—> Bridges
Final <—> First
Shadows <—> Light
Consumption <—> Sustainability
Retribution <—> Justice
Once <—> Again

I think resilience is something I have been working on throughout my life. I am thoroughly liking this table. Great to reflect on as I work on my goals for the beginning of 2020. Great conversation starters in here too... 

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