Tuesday, August 31, 2021

N for NEED - Day 14 Alert Level 4

 No for NEED - need for focussing on wellbeing. Need for connecting, getting active, taking notice, learning and giving. 

What a stunning blue sky day after a nasty frost. I truly love this plant when it is flowering. 

A stunning walk with Grant around the area. I really will miss these daily outings as he starts back at work tomorrow. I am going to try and keep a walk or bike ride as a regular after work activity. 

I'll also miss our lunches in the sun...

Another real positive out of this time of pause - I have really committed to recording in my journal. It is a great journal and I love the focus it is giving me. I am being so much kinder to myself. 

How good does that look. Grant started painting the walls today, that I had water-blasted. They look AMAZING!!! I am really looking forward to us chipping away at this over the next few months...

And how awesome to finish the time in the garden tonight with picking a stunning vase of camelia. They really are an awesome flower. I can't believe our white camelia was literally browned off this morning with the frost, so plan to enjoy many vase fulls of these before they drop... I NEED flowers in vases... they are such a wonderful addition!

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