Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#educamp Tai Tokerau

2 July 2011
Up early – very excited for educampTT. Stopped at Caffeine for a coffee to start the day. Arrived at educamp to a buzz of chatter.

Awesome to meet @fionagrant @taratj @traintheteacher @tarnzc f2f. Sign in, coffee and ready for smackdown. What a buzz. Up to two minutes to share from the wallwisher – who would be first up – doh – what was that all about – anyway it was me! Prize, extra large choccy fish for travelling the furtherest ( thanks @Allanah). So many new tools on the wallwisher – followup required!

Smackdown Wallwisher

After an awesome smackdown, conversation groups developed. See day write up. Fiona and I took a Twitter session and set up a new batch of tweets.
Second session using iPads and iPods – looked at some apps – app store.
Third session – discussion about use of Google sites.
Totally an amazing day – love the discussion, love the connection, love the learning journey.

Left Whangarei to head north. Amazing drive up – and guess what? I took the advise of the lady I sat with on the plane on the flight from Dunedin to Christchurch and visited the Hundertwasser toilets.

Up we go and drive into Paihia – drive along the waterfront and pop into Kingsgate. Met Mel at the front desk – loads of chat and questions later… We have an amazing deal. Bags to the room and off to the bar with our laptops for geeking and happy hour. What a session – Set up for twitter and blogging – connecting – sharing the love of learning from educampTT. Dinner – divine, breads, Caesar salad and desserts to die for. More geeking, then sleeping.

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