Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Northland Adventure

3 July 2011
Awake early – off to the dining room for a scrumptious breakfast!  Looking out over the waterfront.   It is absolutely pouring down, the rain is bouncing off the street… We don’t need sunshine til 10 o’clock.   Time for another geeking session then off to Russell on the Ferry.  As we walk along to the Ferry the clouds part and the sun comes out!  Sweet ferry journey.     

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Walk around Russell – amazing little art stores, met and chatted with the owner of an art gallery… lots of history to the town of Russell.  Walk around – view Pompelliers site.      

AMAZING – can’t wait to come back later this year with Grant!  Found a cute florist shop in Russell - can you see why the name appealed to me.  Back to Paihia on the ferry.  Drive to Kawakawa.  Arrive there to the stunning moment where the steam train travels down the road in front of us. 

Visited the toilets again.  Grab a takeaway coffee and brownie.   What an amazing journey down the road.  Chatting all the way – the road trip is the perfect follow-up to the educamp and geeking time.  It is time to talk, reflect, challenge.  Arrived  back down into Auckland at 5pm.  YES the rental car has 4 wheels and is actually quite gorgeous - unbelievable for $19.00 a day.    Off I go to Cambridge.    Awesome drive down – with a stop at Mercer. 

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