Saturday, January 28, 2012

5 things my teacher should know about me...

Tonight I was checking in with my friend Twitter when I noticed that I had been tagged by Allanah in and challenged to reflect and add my thoughts to this meme, on what my teacher should know about me!  Without a great deal of thought I churned out this...

Here are the 5 things my teacher should know about me:
* I like fun, and laughter and giggling – I know that I can learn in a fun environment;
* I like to be challenged and supported – make me take a risk, make a mistake and learn from it PLEASE!
* I like to have choice about working in a group, in pairs or at times I like to work alone;
* I like to know that I am a part of all that I learn and I can add to the learning of others;
* I like to have choice over how I share my learning, sometimes I write, or sing, or draw, or talk, or act and sometimes I like to dance on my chair!
YAY – I like learning!!!

Haha - how ironic is this post!  I LOVE learning!  This is a stark contrast to my own primary education!  I did not have a FUN learning time at primary school.  I have memories of struggling, been laughed at (by my teacher) for my reading inadequacies... I did not LOVE learning at all, until the MAGIC of year 8 at a little country primary school when we got a new Principal!  He inspired, challenged, motivated us and made me want to learn.  He believed in us, trusted us and let us LEARN!  

I can so clearly remember the feeling of being ridiculed for struggling to pronounce the word HUGE, (which I pronounced shuge)!  I remember that as clearly as I remember being trusted to collect and write up family recipes as a camp fundraiser in year 8.  I think we remember the really really good, and the really really not so good!  

Reflecting on this - I challenge myself to make MAGIC with my learners!  I want to challenge them, inspire them, encourage them to take risks, empower them, support them and learn with them.  And I want it to be a MAGICAL journey!

Thanks Allanah for making me 'dig so deep' tonight!

In keeping with the meme I invite @MsBeenz, @janinejNZ, @JazzRolton, @KiwiNomad08, @dragonsinger57 to join the journey!  (Please make sure to link back to so we all get to share all the MAGIC!)


  1. I am in...
    I need someone to expect more from me... Please see me as what I can be not what I am right now...
    Challenge me and inspire me. I need role models who can help me create a vision about all the possibilities.
    I need to feel valued. My discoveries are a small piece in our community's learning but they are significant to me and your discoveries can build on mine... Imagine the power if we could take time to share our discoveries and ask "So What?"
    Sometimes I like to work all by myself but other times I LOVE to talk about my ideas.
    When I do talk about my ideas, I love it when someone challenges me with one very simple word...

  2. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

    Hope you have a magic start to your exciting new year.

    Lucky learners to have you at the helm.