Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Student led conferences...

I just have to share the MAGIC of my day - student led conferences.  For years I have wanted to explore three way conferences and this year I have begun this very exciting journey.  A HUGE thank you to Claire Buist for an initial outline to enable the learners to reflect on their learning and prepare to lead their learning conference.  We have reflected on where we are at, what we can do to help ourselves with our goals, what our family can do to help and what our teachers can do to help.  We also added a reflection on our favourite learning space for different learning areas and times. 
Yesterday we had an awesome time sharing our learning conference with a friend and coaching each other to success.  This afternoon I asked the learners to set up the class ready for the learning conferences...  How cool is this...  Don't you just love the touch of the table cloth and vase?  How cool is it that the learners were able to share their space with their families.  

The MAGIC began with the first learner and carried on through to my last session.  I am in awe of the learners.  I wish I had asked for permission to video at least one of them, but as I didn't I will try and share the MAGIC in written form. 
The level of maturity of the learners amazed me.  The learners invited their family into the class and welcomed them to sit and share their learning story.  I am in awe of the confidence of the learners to share their journey.  They discussed their successes and their challenges and asked for support.  
In a way I felt almost redundant tonight.  I felt like a spectator at times, but I know the hard work that has gone into the preparation is so worthwhile.  The learners are active in their learning journey.  They are empowered to identify their learning journey, their successes, their challenges and encouraged to break the learning into manageable chunks.
I am in awe of the discussions.  I listened to learners sharing the privileges of learning, the benefits of setting up, choosing and working in various learning spaces.  I listened to the learners challenging themselves, challenging their families and challenging me to support and encourage them and also extend them.  
What a true privilege it is to work with such highly tuned learners.  I wish someone had taken the time to sit down with me and discuss my learning style or preferred learning spaces.  I am intrigued with how intune these learners are and I am welcoming another round of learning space ideas.  


  1. Sounds great Anne, we are attempting them for the first time in a month, i will contact you for some tips!
    Sounds exciting!!!

    1. Hi Chris, it really is an amazing journey! I would love to chat to you about it. I will link a copy of my planning form and would love to chat over the journey! I have the rest of the conferences tonight... :)