Thursday, July 5, 2012


Q.   Why would I travel this far for a few days?

A.    Because I am a self confessed "educamp groupie"!

I love the experience of educamp and educampchch was no exception.

The MAGIC of educampchch…
The journey towards educampchch began way back in 2011 at the inaugural #educampdunners.  As we shared the day we dreamt of a time when Christchurch could celebrate. 

The day dawned and we gathered at Burnside High School.  We gathered from across the sectors, across New Zealand, on a Saturday on the penultimate week of term 2.

The MAGIC lay in welcoming people to their first educamp through to those who are self confessed “educamp groupies…”  

MAGIC moments of the day:
·         Underlying focus – giving our learners wings to fly –

The journey we are on can be likened to building planes while flying.  We are empowering our learners to innovate, create and participate in a very exciting journey!

·         Sharing of learning expertise from Auckland, Wellington, Reefton, Timaru, Dunedin, Mosgiel Darfield, Springston and in and around the Christchurch area;
·         Willingness of people to share during the smackdown, the discussion and right throughout the day,
·         The amazing range of sharing, not only of skills, tools and knowledge but practical discussion around how to enhance learning opportunities. 
·         Across sector sharing – primary and secondary collaborating
·         Shared lunch on-site…. truly AMAZING - thanks Emma for organising!

·         AMAZING venue at Burnside High School
·         Wisdom is in the room - the people, he tangata, he tangata, he tangata
·         The conversations, meeting people,  sharing,
·         Time – in a relaxed, unscheduled day to really connect and collaborate

·         Twitter stream – trending for most of the day…
·         Google doc – collaborating to share and record the learning journey of the day
·         Inspiration

·         The development of the educamp phenomena
·         Celebrating the MAGIC of the inaugural educampchch – starting small and building...
·         Looking to the future with continued collaboration… thanks especially to Coralie and the GCSN

Check out the collaboration on the Google Doc!

    The MAGIC now lies in the anticipation of educampakl and educampcentral Otago!

A HUGE thank you to Pauline, Burnside High School, and all who attended this AMAZING event and are committed to continued contact and collaboration. 

What was the MAGIC in the day for you?

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  1. I loved meeting people face-to-face who I had come to know only online until then. Then there were new people to meet (like yourself) who are also excited about learning. Although I am not in my own classroom, I loved the discussion about the Daily 5 and CAFE. Anything we can do to get our students loving reading is important to me! I loved everyone's willingness to share, their enthusiasm and their excitement.