Thursday, July 5, 2012


Check out the line up for this amazing event!
John Egenes 
John is a musician from Port Chalmers by way of Santa Fe and Los Angeles. He teaches digital music culture. As a fashion designer, he dressed Naomi Campbell. 

John kicked off a cultural artifacts story with a gorgeous leather crafted bag.  He entertained us with the folk process - the changing of the way things are - the wellspring!  I love the telling of the story! I am totally engaged and involved in the story. John talks about the lack of control over the intellectual property, which is open to change - with a move towards selling, mashing up and remixing!
"Transformational imitation"!!! What a beautiful phrase!  A phrase I can use immediately with my learners.  An artists job is to bring beauty into the world!  Is that not the purpose of us all? With a beautiful weaving of the story from leather making, to musician, to dresser of the stars, to entertainer.  John entertained us and encouraged us to allow people to copy our work!

Prof Richie PoultonProf Richie Poulton
Director, Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Research Unit 
Professor Richie Poulton is Director of the Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Research Unit which conducts the Dunedin longitudinal study, one of the most detailed studies of human health and development ever undertaken. A multidisciplinary, longitudinal study of 1,037 babies born in Dunedin during 1972/73, the Study members have been followed up since birth, at age three, then every two years to age 15, and at ages 18, 21, 26, and 32. The latest assessment phase, at age 38, commenced in 2010 and was completed in March 2012, and was an outstanding success with 96% of the surviving Study members being assessed.

Richie entertained us with a story of altruism, trust and courage!
I was particularly interested in the talk of resilience - what is it? How is it measureable?  I am so aware of the need to work on my resilience.   We giggled as he talked of ego and brain - the challenge of academia...  Again, the storytelling came through with Richie sharing how the study members want to make a difference! Richie spoke of the change within himself as the study progresses - the window on the beauty that exists in the world through the people in it...
The dignity of the human condition,,,  
Listen to the lyrics of the anthem - ring the bells, there is a crack in everything - that's how the light gets in,,, 
The strength of this study is in its breadth and depth.  The transferability of the data is powerful. As with everything - what is the transferability?  As with learning and teaching, what have I learnt that is transferable! Richie concluded with a powerful reflection of nature via nurture and what it is to be human!  Very inspiring!

Stephanie D WilsonStephanie D Wilson
NASA Astronaut and engineer
Stephanie flew on her first mission in space on board the Space Shuttle mission STS-121, and is the second African American woman to go into space, after Mae Jemison. She is a veteran of three space flights who has logged more than 42 days in space (including most recently in 2010 on the shuttle Discovery).

Stephanie shared a glimpse into her life including three flights into outer space - a childhood dream, a project interviewing an astronaut.  She talked of inspiration and encouragement from her teachers and parents and living a childhood dream.  What a powerful message for educators - to understand the possibilities of believing in our learners and encouraging and empowering them.  Stephanie spoke of the research, reflecting on earth - realizing the fragility of our precious earth!  Much technology developed through space exploration is really reaping benefits worldwide! Current issues for NASA are agreement of destination - where should we go? What is possible given successful robotic missions?  The big wow moment - looking out the window... Looking down at earth! Seems really far away - looks very peaceful, no turmoil visible - makes you aware we should be working together to preserve our beautiful world!  Woohoo - inspiring!
I am truly in awe of the diversity of the audience...
I am inspired by this event in Dunedin! Yes - it really is alright here....
What is the common thread that ties us all together?  I would love to know the demographics of this crowd...
What is the common thread weaving through the talks tonight?  For me - it is life is precious, life is to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest, life is beautiful, and we must care for and nurture our beautiful earth...

A HUGE thank you to John, Richie and Stephanie for the inspiration, motivation and entertainment.  
A HUGE thank you to all of the organisation team especially Jason Craig @DialogCRM,
and a A HUGE thank you to all the sponsors!  

What an amazing event in an amazing venue - the Apartment!

How truly MAGIC to be part of such an amazing opportunity right here in Dunedin!

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