Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy Dancing....

I seem to have done an incredible amount of happy dancing this week.  It all started when we looked at some fraction assessment, then topped it off with an IKAN assessment.  Not only have we made incredible progress, we have really sharpened our focus and we are able to identify gaps, fill them and celebrate.  And celebrate we do... there was a whole lot of happy dancing - even some on the chair (to music.... very interesting choice of music though class).
We have been preparing for our second round of student led conferences and the work that goes into preparing is AMAZING.  The learners are clearly able to identify their successes and challenges and verbalise what they need to do to help themselves and what support they need.  
I looked back on my blogpost after the first round and reflected on our journey. 
In line with feedback received from the first round families were offered three options for the student led conference:

  1. Fully student led
  2. Student led, then time for parent/teacher discussion
  3. Parent/teacher discussion only.
Interestingly I had a range of these options, all for varying reasons.  
So, tonight the second round began...
If I thought the last sessions were MAGIC, I really don't have words for tonight.  The confidence of the learner to share their learning with their family amazes and inspires me.  The learners actually know how they learn, where they learn best, when they can share their learning and when they need support.  I am totally in awe of them all.  By no means were all the conferences easy, perfect or totally straight forward - but they were all firmly focussed on the learner and the needs of the learner.  
I love student led conferences! And I love the way the learners set up the class for the conferences...

P.S. check out the 'almost complete' bottle bivy in the background....

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  1. I am glad to see the bottle bivy almost finished . Well done toy your class for getting this finished. This will be an amazing learning space.