Tuesday, February 5, 2013

B-el Hui

Up here again…
It seems that some of my best blogging happens way up above New Zealand looking down….
Here I am bound for Auckland for my first ever B-el Hui!  What an exciting time….
I am incredibly fortunate to be travelling with Greg, beginning to learn my role, and as we know, any adventure is fun shared.  I am able to share my thoughts, ask my questions and really be myself.  Thank you Greg for the way you guide me along…
I am sooo excited to connect with all of the B-el team and realise my part in this HUGE endeavour.  It will be a fabulous opportunity for me to reconnect with Allanah and Barbs as well as meeting up with so many other great folks. 
We have two days together and I am looking forward to the networking the story-telling, learning of the role. 
I am very keen to complete a venn diagram around my school role and my new role.  I think this would be a useful exercise to undertake often throughout this year.  I am very keen to reflect on my change this year as I grow into my new role.  Accepting the challenge offered to me at ICOT by a fellow twitter I am going to really reflect on my role within education…..  Undoubtedly I will grow, change and develop personally and professionally.  I am committed to maintaining my enthusiasm and passion for all things that remove barriers, engage learners and improve outcomes.  I am committed to sharing my story, to bringing my experience to the table and growing myself… 
I am ready for a new challenge, a new dream!

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