Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hui Whakawhanaunga

Turangawaewae Marae, Ngaruawahia 26 - 27 February 2013

Tupu te toi, ora te toi, whanake te toi, i ahu mai i Hawaiki

"Growth of the treasure,
sustenance of the treasure,
development of the treasure,
the treasure that stems from Hawaiki”

How can I share the MAGIC of the experience that is Turangawaewae?

I can start by telling you how it felt to stand on the banks of the Waikato river last night and reflect on the day.  I can tell you of the emotion of the welcome, the feeling of the Powhiri, the sound of the waiata, the feeling of the sun beating down, the taste of the food that was shared.  I can tell you of the feeling to catch up with 'old' friends and connect with new friends, but mostly I want to share with you the MAGIC of hearing the story, feeling the story, walking the journey of our priority learners...
From Monika in the far north - to me in the far south, BeL facilitators gathered, shared, listened, reflected, connected, challenged....

I have an overwhelming desire to share the stories, and to share my feeling of my growth as an educator, a facilitator.  I know that as a result of the experience of the past two days I will ask different questions, seek differing connections, listen more, and really delve to get the story of the priority learners...

I cannot remain unchanged after feeling the story that is Nga Taiatea Wharekura or Tai Wananga. To sit at Turangawaewae and hear a tribal perspective on education from Dr Sarah-Jane Tiakiwai.

Another layer of change and growth for me is the shared story out of the Kelston Deaf Education Centre.  To hear (orally, and signed) the story of a learner, a teacher, a parent, a principal opened another window for me to delve into the priority of succes for learners with Special Education Needs.

Success for Pasifika is etched forever in my mind by the sharing of the 'Brown Brother' story.  To meet Joshua face to face and hear his story shared with his 'Brown Mother' was a true highlight of the hui for me.

What then will change for me as a result of this amazing experience?

I will listen to more stories...
I will tell more stories...
I will ask more questions, dig deeper, challenge more...

  • tell me your story...
  • tell me more about...
  • so what does this mean for our priority learners?
  • what does this look like for our learners?
  • how are we catering for children with a diverse range of learning needs?
  • how are we including every learner?
  • how are we building on our successes?
  • how are we sharing our successes?
  • how are we shifting our attitudes?
As I travelled home today, I reflected on the different teacher I would be if I walked back into class tomorrow... I now have the privilege to take this into my facilitating role...

A MAGIC journey, a privilege, a challenge...

Tupu te toi, ora te toi, whanake te toi, i ahu mai i Hawaiki


  1. Isn't Joshua amazing! He works with our kids for Manaiakalani. Very lucky.
    He really can tell a story.

    1. Amazing isn't even close... I felt so incredibly privileged to hear their story. We were so incredibly entertained by Brown brother and Brown mother - in an engaging, entertaining walk along their life journey. It was so inspirational.... :)