Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nelson adventure… Time spent with colleagues, friends,

A day of professional discussion with team south and team central north gathered together rolled into a night of discussion.  How powerful it is to be together face to face again.  I cast my mind back many years, listening to Karen Melhuish-Spencer sharing the wonder of online connection being elevated when we come together face to face.  What a day we had together… discussing our journey, weaving pathways, sharing the journey… Together we are much more than the combined sum of our individual pathways.  As we share, we inspire, empower, enable and enrich our experiences.  We are able to grapple with challenges, share opportunities, connect and collaborate.  We are able to discuss, share and reflect on our WHY?

As we led into the afternoon session it was an incredible privilege for me to share my Monday night’s eduignite talk with the team.

What a powerful reflection it is to think about where we are going, who is on the journey with us, who we are looking out for, who is looking out for us, are we innovating, are we sharing, are we travelling at the right time and speed, do we know where we are going and will we know when we arrive at our desired destination?

I feel incredibly supported in my personal and professional journey to be part of a family who nurture, challenge, extend me and celebrate with me.

Day two of my adventure was professional learning at L@S Nelson.  Gathering with 200 educators from around the upper half of the South Island, what a privilege to hear the story and learning journey of passionate educators!  I journeyed an e-literacy path with Jill and had the opportunity to share and hear the power of placing an e-learning lens over he literacy programme. 

I walked into Tahu’s story of Ko wai ahau, which empowered me to share my story, my visual mihi and above all really connect with my audience when I present.  Thank you for the power to use tools to add Reo to my teaching and learning.  Thank you for the gentle way in which you empowered us. 

I was in awe of the opportunity to travel the journey with local educators Emma Watts, Rebecca Power and Jamie Power.  I was moved to tears in both presentations by the sheer authenticity of the collaboration.  What a privilege to feel the learning, to see the learner at the heart of the learning, to truly feel the story.

Day two rolled into a wonderful gathering of old and new friends around a table to share the MAGIC of the day and continued into the evening with a shared meal.  The opportunity to continue the discussions and reflect on the day not only magnifies the learning, it creates new pathways, new opportunities, new collaborations, new weaving together!  Again, the power of connecting with passionate educators is realised and we are significantly enriched by the experience.

Day three began with brunch at Mapua, looking over the water, reflecting and building on the MAGIC of the journey to date.  Following this was the opportunity to walk into Emma’s story as I travelled to her school and spent time in her class feeling, sharing, living the learning journey.  The richness of the discussion made me realise all over again the very REAL need to walk in someone’s footsteps to live their journey.  Emma, you inspire me, you enrich me, you make me realise the privilege of where I have been and where I am going.  I want to take this experience to my schools and realise the power of walking into the class with the educator to really feel their story, their dreams and their aspirations!

Lunch at Brightwater with Emma, Bec and Jamie was next! Again I hark back to the power of the online relationship to enhance the face-to-face relationship and off we went again on another fabulous meander through our education lives.  A tour of the local area and a visit to Nayland Primary School added yet another layer of MAGIC to the journey.  Time did not permit a visit into the magical class of Bec and Jamie, but I am returning for this pleasure.

Safely delivered on time to the Nelson airport I began my journey home.  A stunningly short, smooth flight to Wellington gave me quite a stop over there while my connecting flight was delayed. 

Back on board now, heading home I reflect on the journey.  As always it is soooo exciting to be heading home where my gorgeous family awaits me.  As always it is great to reflect on the conversations shared, the dreams glimpsed, the journeys shared, the paths crossed, the aspirations breathed, the potential for this adventure to transform my practice and future journeys!

Goals I take forward from this adventure:
·      Family always comes first
·      Listen to listen as opposed to listening to respond (thanks Greg)
·      Share your story
·      Walk in the footsteps of others – walk into their class, listen to their story, feel their story
·      Take time…
·      Respond with wonderment and awe to all that is around (thanks Janelle J)
·      Reflect on every adventure
·      Get in amongst any opportunity to collaborate
·      Empower others
·      Celebrate alongside others
·      Always look for the opportunity to spread MAGIC

MAGIC is all around, it is in the people we meet, the places we go, the things we do, the stories we share, the air we breathe.

Thank you Nelson!  I am enriched because of my experiences with you!


  1. Love your enthusiasm and wonderment, Anne - keep going, it's infectious:) Great summary of your time in Nelson - thanks for sharing for those of us who couldn't be there. (and thanks for the mention, too x)

    1. Thanks Karen! It was a wonderful time! I love packing the most into all of my adventures...
      I'm currently in Christchurch relocating my daughter who has moved here this weekend. I was absolutely dreading it but it has been MAGIC! She is so settled in gorgeous house, work and swimming close, so I can relax!
      Tough though, seems like only yesterday I was reading her bedtime stories.....