Sunday, April 28, 2013

Timelapse potential

Recently timelapse has re-entered my thought patterns.  I have used timelapse with such success in the past and want to reflect on some of the potential I have explored:
·      Science learning – particularly monarch caterpillar life cycles
·      Class creations – the bottle bivy creation

·      Class space use – set up and record a day – review and reflect on use of learning spaces
·      Teacher position – set up and record a day – review and reflect on where I work and who I spend time with
·      Art creation

Recently on twitter I followed a story of educators creating timelapses to record journeys to share and compare.

I was inspired to create some of my own. 

My first effort of dawn breaking over the Taieri Plains was recorded with shots at far too frequent intervals and is only useful if skimmed through on fast forward.

My second attempt of dawn breaking over Lake Wakatipu was much better but I was an hour too late to fully record the transformation from dark to light at dawn.

My third attempt was on board a flight to Wellington.  Greg and I were discussing the timelapse potential and we came up with Panolapse or Timorama; the ability to record a panoramic timelapse of a journey.  Our first effort was hilarious with elbow cam giving way to tape cam when the gorgeous airhostess gave us a roll of 3m tape.  We condensed the shots to a 3 second playback instead of a 3-minute playback but we realised the potential of panolapse.

Here, we issue the challenge to you… Wherever you travel next, have a play with creating a timelapse panorama of you flight!  Share the clip through some form of social media and grow the phenomena.  How interesting would it be to share these and challenge viewers to guess where you were travelling identifying landmarks along the way, or predict the smoothness of the flight by the cloud formation or the time of day or season of the flight… the potential is limitless. 

How could you use this?

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