Monday, May 13, 2013

A Mother's day like no other...

Well… that is a Mother’s day I will never ever forget!
I took Mum to church in the morning and she was really not well.  I got her home and back to bed and was feeling the day was not going quite as planned as I was hoping to bring her home to my place for brunch.

Can you imagine my surprise when I pulled up the driveway and saw Katie standing at the top of the drive……

The little monkey drove down from Christchurch to surprise me for Mother’s day. What a MAGICal day we had!  We had a stunning brunch and got some great family photos on the back lawn. 

I got another gorgeous heart for dream of an aroha wall from Jason and he helped my hang my collection to date.  This really has been a very special Mother’s day full of love and time together and the creation of very special memories.

Katie and I went to surprise Mum and owe what a surprise it was for her.  She was sooo excited to see Katie again!  

We spent the afternoon chatting and catching up and as the afternoon wore on I began to dread the thought of Katie having to drive all the way back to Christchurch on her own!  I hopped onto the Air New Zealand site and booked myself a flight home from Christchurch for Monday!  YAHOO!  Katie and I fitted in two visits to Lauren and Nana, had a coffee at Starbucks then headed off for Christchurch!  What an awesome drive.  We talked non stop the whole way.  We had a yummy dinner in Timaru and arrived at Katie’s flat by 9.30.

What an incredible Mother’s day.  I got up early and worked online for the morning then shot out and fueled up her car, took it through the carwash and bought her a tiny oil filled heater to take the chill off her bedroom.

Back to work online, dealing with my emails, planning school visits for the term and updated online.  I am truly in love with the power to work in a fully blended way.  It really doesn’t matter where in the world I am, as long as I have an internet connection I can work.

At 5pm Katie dropped me to the airport and here I am flying home.  What an absolutely incredible Mother’s day!  One I sure will never forget!

Thank you Katie!  You are a truly wonderful daughter!

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