Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Queenstown MAGIC!

Sharing the snow experience…

Last night it was snowing heavily as I drove into Queenstown and I woke up to a white blanket wrapping the town in its freezing hold! 
Schools are closed and roads home are closed and south to the school I was to be in tomorrow are closed, so here I stay.
The true benefit of a fully blended work role meant I was able to work away and enjoy the beauty of this place.
Late in the day I had the privilege of tweeting a school in Auckland with some photos and skyping a class.  This was amazing as I was able to share with them the look and feel of the snow… even showing them snowball throwing…

I promised them snowman photos so set off to walk downtown not wanting to risk driving the rental car… Well, about two blocks along and the slope became unmanageable… boots and snow – not a good mix!  A taxi ride downtown and off I set in hunt of snowmen… I had limited success, but did find a cute little snow family keeping an eye out from the Queenstown Green!  

A coffee at Patagonia and a lot more photos, followed by a taxi ride back up the hill to dry out and warm up!  I hope you enjoy these photos.  I had a lot of fun making the snow angel and the cute little snow girl on the table…

My car is safe in the basement downstairs but this is probably what it would look like if it was out in the snow!
I would love to answer your questions about snow and skype you tomorrow if you would like to see it again…


  1. Thank you for sharing your magical day with us in the freezing north! Kids in jandals hoped for snow - sharing yours was next best.
    Looking forward to the movie.

  2. Room 1 really enjoyed your beautiful photo of the snow. Here is what we wrote... " Look at the snow family! I bet they are freezing cold! Brrr!

    Thank you for sharing!