Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day two in Paris

We woke late after a very restless night without the air conditioning on properly and headed down to breakfast! Off we set to get the bus to the bus to the Eiffel Tower for our tour at one o'clock. The closer we got the more obvious it was that our bus wasn't going to get there in time as it meandered around Paris, so we got off and walked along the Seine to the tour arriving in plenty of time. Sooooo glad we pre booked because it is well over 30 degrees and the queue is over 2 hours long....
Looking down at the queues....

Surreal views from the top

Not all that much space for a selfie around this ledge

Nuts and bolts... what an incredible structure

Up we want to level 2, then right to the top.... Sunning, stunning views! What a glorious city! We travelled back down to level two in the elevator then walked the steps down to level one and the ground. I am pleasantly surprised that I appear to have got over my fear of heights to a degree! I was not at all scared on the platform around the top of the tower. Stunning!!!! From the bottom of the tower we walked over to Champs élysées and stopped for a yummy lunch! 

Parisien food at a cafe on Champs élysées

Looking up at the arc de triomphe

Loads of photos at the Arc de Triomphe then finally found our way back stopping to buy sunblock, wine, beer and snacks... What a day!

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