Friday, August 2, 2013

Last night in Paris....

After a totally MAGICal day out in the country we arrived back into Paris at Gare Saint-Lazare! We asked for directions and headed off to walk to the centre of Paris shopping on the way! Can you imagine our surprise when about 40 minutes after we set off we rounded a corner to be right back at Gare Saint-Lazare! I have absolutely no idea how it happened but I found it hilarious! Grant - not so! 
Anyway off we set again and meandered our way through the streets enjoying our last walk along the rue and the boulevards! Many, many photos on the way and eventually we arrived at Champs-Elysées, walked along past the Louvre, then along the banks of the Seine arriving at the bridge Montmartre! 

What a hilarious event unfolded there. We attached our love locked padlock to the bridge and as we went to throw the keys on the count of 3, 2, 1... Grant's hand bumped mine and my key landed not in the Seine but on the extended ledge of the bridge. I giggled and a couple next to us also giggled as it looked as if I had not fully committed to the tradition but had left myself hanging so to speak. Not to be beaten I was determined to problem solve... Borrowing an elderly lady's walking stick to complete the passage of the key! Phew, totally committed!

From here we walked into the heart of Rue St Michel where we dined in style in the pavement! What a MAGICal last night.... 

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