Monday, August 19, 2013

Rome to Pisa to Lucca - Italian Treasures day 3

Aboard the bus we headed out of Rome through the countryside! The countryside is incredibly green and agricultural and beautiful! I absolutely love the fields of sunflowers - happy flowers as Aida calls them!

We stopped at a gorgeous little roadside cafe for coffee and water then next stop was Pisa. We arrived outside the city and caught a noddy train into the centre of the town! No matter how many photos I have seen of the leaning tower of Pisa nothing prepared me for the whiteness of it nor the lean! 

What fun we had taking tricky photos with Norman and Judy! Of course to get the best shots you had to climb over onto the grass despite the 'do not walk on the grass sign'! What fun there was when the polizia blew there whistles and chased us all off! 

I bought Katie a gorgeous orange pleather bag and we had a very yummy lunch at Pisa. 

Off we headed to Lucca, arriving in time to shower, change and head out for a traditional Tuscan dinner!  Oh Mamma Mia what a night! 

It is Sue's 64th birthday so of course we toasted her many times with the beautiful wines... Five different types of wine were offered throughout the multiple course meal. As the night wore on out came the famous grappa! Oh my goodness I do not think I have ever tasted or smelt anything so unappealing! Some of the group loved it and the night livened up with music and dancing in the courtyard!  Back to the hotel we travelled in the bus singing all the way! 

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