Friday, July 11, 2014

#100 day project - day one - Mount Maunganui

Day one of the 2014 100 day project and this is what I am planning...

100 Days Project


Using FISH Philosophy I am going to alternate between: PLAY, Be there, Make their day, Choose your attitude. I am going to capture a shot or verse or phrase to share... An exciting opportunity to create a little MAGIC! 

I had been wondering all day yesterday if my #100dayproject was a soft option... but nah, day one proved it is a true, exciting, challenging prospect!

Day One
After brunch at The Deckchair Cafe in Mount Maunganui I decided Grant and I would enjoy a walk around the Mount!  What was I really thinking?  You see, I left home for this holiday with only high heeled boots packed - just what was I thinking.  So already I have a significant blood blister on my right sole.

So, part of me was saying it would be a real challenge, but the rest of me was saying - never miss an opportunity to enjoy a bit of MAGIC.  So off we set.  About 15 minutes in the pain was quite severe, and rather than return as the very sensible Grant suggested, I chose to complete the rest in my stockinged feet!  So, how indeed is that a fish moment:

  • PLAY - I got to walk in the wet and mud and sand and gravel in bare feet - YAY;
  • Be there - I sure was there every step of the way - feeling the experience;
  • Make their day - I made so many people smile and many stop and talk - yes mostly out of pity for the girl carrying boots, but, hey, a lot of smiles resulted;
  • Choose your attitude - I chose to enjoy the walk, not miss the opportunity!

Woohoo - day one - MAGIC! A blister can't stop me....

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