Monday, July 27, 2015

Birthday MAGIC


Everyday in every way is special and unique but birthdays have a richness that is just ‘something else’. 

My celebrating began yesterday with an early birthday lunch with Mum. What a wonderful surprise for me, Mum had my card and present all sorted. For a couple of years now I have been supporting Mum with cards and presents for all of the family birthdays. What a delightful surprise I got. She had also told all the staff so I got a whole lot of very special greetings.

Second MAGIC surprise was my son and partner's wonderfully thoughtful present – WOW – so cool! Then last night was capped off with a lovely dinner out with Grant, Jason and Gabi. Agh yay….

Today, my birthday dawned with stunning flowers from Grant, and lots of lovely messages. AirNZ sent me a message advising my flight was delayed so unbelievably I had a chance for a quick visit to Mum on the way to the airport, a real bonus to catch up on my actual birthday and meant a lot to us both. WOW then for the MAGIC from Air NZ. Lynne always treats me in a way that makes me feel special and she is kind beyond measure. Imagine my surprise, delight, when she gave me flowers, wine and choocies to take to Christchurch for Katie. Kindness like this is so precious….

Now air born, flying to Christchurch for a truly MAGICAL day… first stop Selwyn House for a long overdue catchup with Bridget and Lynn, then the office for a marketing presentation, then out to CBHS for our literacy workshop! Dinner with Katie and Sean will round of a pretty amazing day. 
Flying home, reflecting on two MAGICAL days…. WOW, what an incredible visit to Selwyn House! How awesome to see you in your space Bridget!!! What a treat to catch up with Lyn again, and Liz! Wow, special times. 

Across to the new CORE office in time for the marketing meeting – wow, awesome!!! Say no more for now!!!!

Next stop, Riccarton House for a Birthday afternoon tea with Sue, Rowan, and Pauline. What an incredible place. I can’t wait to come back here for a meal, and for market time. 
Our workshop at CBHS was amazing. A room full of passionate educators, enthusiastically engaging at the end of a busy day is a beautiful thing indeed! I just loved our session, loved the time to work with individuals and groups and to allow agency within our workshop. Extensive preparation to allow for such freedom is so rewarding! Also rewarding was the feedback!

Back across town in time to check in, change and out to birthday dinner. What a truly special night out at Tutu Benne with Katie and Sean! Awesome meal, great conversation, lots of laughter….

Today was a MAGICAL opportunity to fully explore the new office space. Thanks so much to Ruby for the amazing guided tour! WOW – what an incredible modern learning space we are in. My key feelings initially are the feeling of open-ness, light, space, and collegiality. The agile flexible spaces allow for individual, small group, large group, open, private, formal, relaxed gatherings. I am completely in awe of the feeling of a space which fully ‘walks our talk’! Throughout today I was able to experience many of the spaces, and love the flexibility afforded. WOW – HUGE kudos to all involved in making this space possible. 

Today was our final Te Reo Puāwai face to face session. What an incredible opportunity to recap, reflect on, celebrate and showcase our journey. Gemma, you are amazing. We are incredibly grateful to you for your support, encouragement, humour, commitment and patience. Thank you for the fun, the games, the learning and the laughter, and most of all, thank you for the belief in us. 

Across a very busy Christchurch on a Friday afternoon, after a coffee catchup with Katie, and I arrived at the airport in time for early flight, a true bonus on a Friday afternoon. 

So, arriving home in time for a quick change before another birthday celebration!!! Time to reflect on just how lucky I am. There is nothing quite like the feeling of gratitude. Thank you to everyone who is such a special part of my life!!!

Even Google wished me HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! teehee...

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