Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Te Reo Puāwai Māori - Topic 1.6 - Te Reo o te kaiako - the language of the teacher

Working on my pronunciation, trying new ways to memorise karakia.

Week six, and this week I am beginning a new journey of taking a phrase to use each week, to commit to use in reo. I am ready for the wero, challenge. 

So many fabulous phrases here…. 

This week I am going to commit to using a range of greetings:
I am familiar with and regularly use:
Tēnā koe                          Hello (to one person)
Tēnā kōrua                       Hello (to two people)

Tēnā koutou                     Hello (to more than two people)

Kia ora                             Hi
Mōrena                            Good morning
Kei te pēhea koe?            How are you? (to one person)
Kei te pai                         Fine

I really need to practice using: 
Ata mārie                        Good morning
Ahiahi mārie                   Good afternoon
Pō mārie                         Good evening - Goodnight
     ... tamariki mā                ... children
     ... e tama mā                   ... boys and others
     ... e hine mā                    ... girls and others

Te Taura Whiri, Māori Language Commission - Promoting Positive Attitudes to Māori Language in the Classroom

As I progress with this course I am increasing in confidence. I am aware of opportunities and seizing opportunities to practice. I love the way this course is structured to give us multiple opportunities to practice my kupu. It is awesome to see many options for using digital tools for practicing. I have used puppet pals, adobe voice so far and am keen to explore further. 

My favourite phrase at the moment is tino pai rawa atu, and I am actively seeking opportunities to acknowledged awesomeness.

I do still have many challenges. I am aware of many opportunities that I am missing to use reo. We are now including karakia and whakatauki in our sessions and it is great for us to open our sessions. 

I am noticing surprise when I use kupu, and grasp opportunities to discuss the journey I am on. I am also noticing that I can pick out more spoken reo now and I am excited about the possibility of understanding more and more. 

To consolidate my learning, I think it is going to be essential for me to automate key kupu and use these regularly. It is also going to be necessary to keep adding new phrases and challenges. I am keen to revisit all of the modules and I am very keen to explore the second course. The regular weekly commitment is really a useful way for me to make the jumps needed in my learning. 

I am blogging my journey also, as this is a great way for me to be able to revisit the wonderful resources to support us.
I am tagging my posts with te reo, te reo puāwai Māori, and also RTCs. Thanks to everyone who is part of this amazing journey with me. 

Ngā mihi nui

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