Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Exploring the thinking and changing needed going forward...

How can we support learning in and across communities?

Framing the national priorities...

Early achievement challenges and involvement!

What expertise do we bring in to build their capability... intentional interruption!  Knowing when and how as a team of facilitators!

Building on what we do well and take it into a new context!

Best practice and next practice, and it is about us all together... as all players in all layers of the system learn and build capability together. 

How do we support schools and educators to know what they don't know?

How do we make sure the expertise that is available is publicly known - so schools can support known expertise?

CoL - will be in a position to hold support accountable - what will this mean for us and what will it look like?

Relational Trust... pathway collaboration... 

Bringing BOTs together - into the conversation - honour real voice in the journey. 

What matters? What are the unavoidable consequences of being in a CoL?  What changes will we see?  Time frame? 

Professional accountability and clarity around what we are doing? How are are going?  Successes and challenges?

Turning the finger inward... pointing at self!  What am I going to do differently?  What are we going to change?

Align frameworks and ways of working and thinking... getting a shared language... 

Teams into CoLs... it is a team approach, not individual PLD.  All players in the room together. 

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