Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Inquiry and our work journey this year and going forward...

‘Being comfortable with the discomfort’
Taking time to get to the question
Not fixing the outcomes and measures too quickly
Take time to know where you are going
Not using the usual tools to measure
What are we focusing on
Be comfortable with the uncomfortable…. Our mantra… dance with the dissonance… ‘Alana Madgwick’

Four key statements….
A context, recommendation, action and evidence of practice…
Evidence into action and impact

4 x 1
As a facilitator we have utilised individualised inquiry process ourselves. We are now working with a school that has collaborative teams, and wants to carry out a collaborative inquiry. The learners have not worked this way before, therefore we are all in a new space.


Use research based on SOI & 7 Principals of Learning for FFE and pakirehua to develop TTT approach.
Time and opportunity for cross-partner collaboration

Immersion in the SOI & change framework
Discuss ways to take the theory into a collaborative context
Virtual coaching and mentoring

Experience, confidence and capability of the facilitators in a shared inquiry, turning theory into practice.
Embedding knowledge and systems to support inquiry.
Student improvement.

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