Tuesday, August 21, 2012

MAGICal staff meeting...

Following on from the MAGIC of the collaboration last night, I was very excited for staff meeting after school.  What a wonderful session we had!  We shared the google doc and looked at a few of the options then everyone worked individually or in pairs... 
I flicked from pair to pair and delighted in the success and excitement of new and innovative ways the teachers could post on their blogs.  
After being rather hesitant about adding the sparkly text generator - I found that to be a real hit and a number of sparkles were added to the class blogs.  A couple of jigsaw puzzles were made from photos, tagxedos created, and crayola pages drawn on.
What worked with this session?

  • MAGIC of the collaboration of the doc;
  • Choice over activity on BINGO card;
  • Links on doc for instant access;
  • Practice time;
  • Support and encouragement on hand;
  • Working individually or in pairs;
  • Celebrating successes!
YAY - what a wonderful feeling...

A HUGE thanks to everyone who was part of the collaboration!  I can't wait to hear how others use this great resource and I am looking forward to creating yet another bingo card...

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  1. Julia Skinner ( @theheadsoffice)August 21, 2012 at 9:36 PM

    Wow! That sounded like a great session Anne! you are doing such a grand job spreading the word. Do remind them to send me links for Blog Dipping! BTW - what does MAGIC stand for?