Monday, August 20, 2012

Pure MAGIC of Crowdsourcing...

I haven't been at all well the past few days and had a really quiet day today.  I checked my diary tonight and realised I wasn't quite ready for the staff meeting I am running tomorrow to increase ways and means of posting on class blogs.  
Following on from the MAGIC of #centralotagoeducamp I planned to create a bingo card with ideas for blogging.  I am tired and was really struggling with ideas when I decided to ask for help on Twitter... WELL - that is where the MAGIC began... and the MAGIC is still continuing...
The collaboration of the amazing educators has created an amazing resource for us all.  
From very humble beginnings this e-learning bingo for your blog is now a pretty special document!  At one stage I noted 49 collaborators!  What an amazing time.
Please feel free to use, modify, adapt and share this CROWD SOURCED, CONSTRUCTED bingo card!

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  1. This was truly amazing. I saw the tweet, asked a question and watched it appear. I have since had many thoughts about this activity for children as well as staff.

    Thanks Ann for starting this and reflecting on the process. :)