Saturday, August 25, 2012

The heart beat…

Lunch out at Peppers and a chance to relax, share, soak up the sun and more…
It really is amazing how we are so in tune we are with each other’s journeys… Time in the sun, by a lake, relaxing, reconnecting, and we are at a point of collaboration that is surreal. 

I have always loved the quote “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” by Aristotle and n ever have I felt this to be truer than right now… What an amazing orchestra we make, while playing our own instruments…  The level of collaboration and sharing is really adding to the journey of each individual! 
Skill swap session is an amazing time.  We meander and weave our way through a range of new skills co-constructing, mashing up and inspiring. 

Dinner out at Meshino, then back into it at Hussey Road with a wonderful eluminate session with Tara and Jo learning about their exciting research vision for 2013. 

A wonderful change to our accommodation sees us all together in one HUGE unit – better than school camp.  And so the collaboration and inspiration continues late into the night!
Day two begins with breakfast together and a chance to think through our presentations for Ulearn and ICOT!  The MAGIC really flows as we collaborate and co-construct our sessions. 
Again we celebrated with a wonderful soul session over the lunch hour!  One of the clips was such a wonderful analogy for the e-fellows….  Gathered together we each play our own tune, but together we harmonise and make MAGICAL music. 

A real treat in the afternoon was a toast master’s session with Michael and Rachel which saw us all participate in a table talk before individually presenting our 5 slide window to our individual Ulearn presentations.  Immediately the synergy, compassion and     came into play.  It really is incredibly emotional to present to your greatest allies and supporters.   The wealth of feedback and feedforward really had to be experienced to be believed.  I just know how much richer I am from this journey….
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the layers and layers of richness you have added to my learning journey and my life….

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  1. Well... doesn't that flash mob make you tingle!? I bet that was only a slither of the "magic" of the past few days! :)