Thursday, October 18, 2012

Clarity, Focus and Purpose...

Sometimes something happens in your life that really brings things into focus.  For me right now, this is #Ulearn12.  The entire experience, connecting, networking, sharing, learning, really brought a clarity to my purpose and direction.  I always say I am a mash-up of everything I experience. This past week has added an incredible richness to my tapestry of learning and teaching.  Many of the changes I have made are outside my teaching and learning journey, they are personal, physical, relational and monumental.  Having just completed my second session at the gym this week I have a new vision and clarity for where I am travelling.  

I have always focused on the journey as opposed to the destination and I am on an incredible journey.  The richness of interacting with inspirational educators is so important to us all.  I liken it to being plugged in and charged up for a week - charged mentally, emotionally, spiritually and strategically.  The challenge is to return to the world we live and work in and 'keep the passion'.  I am frantically chunking my new learning to make everything count.  My class are buzzing, they are benefiting from the MAGIC I have experienced.  

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  1. I do believe it's true Anne...on a clear day you can see forever!