Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pre Ulearn12 MAGIC at Matarangi

Before heading into the most intensely inspiring week of the year Barbs, Allanah and I are chilling in and around the Coromandel.

I will attempt to share some of the MAGIC since I arrived and the pre Ulearn holiday began…

Barbs picked Allanah and I up from the airport and we headed off to Pizza Box where we had lunch with Rachel.  We then meandered our way towards Matarangi caching as we went.  Oh the adventures, the giggles, the fun!  Gorgeous New Zealand scenery, great company and a very relaxed timetable – what more could we ask for? 

Finally arriving at Matarangi the true MAGIC of my beach adventure became apparent – Barbs house is “ON THE BEACH’.  I really don’t know if I have every stayed this close to the water…  What an amazing time…

I just had to swim in the ocean.  Although it was cold to get in, once I was in it was MAGIC.  I just loved it. 

There really is nothing better than watching a sunrise over the water or swimming in the ocean at daybreak or dusk.  

I swam in the ocean many times.  I gathered treasures on the beach.  We cached and coffeed, talked and toured.  We had a wonderful shopping time in Whitianga where I bought a dress for Katie’s graduation, a top and gorgeous purple sandals.  We travelled to bays, and took photos too numerous to mention.  We even fitted in time for a visit to Lost Springs Day Spa!

We had pizza on the beach with ginger beer!  We saw horses galloping in the sand.  We saw the Pohutakawa bursting into flower.  New Zealand - you really are a beautiful place.  

The true MAGIC in the adventure though, undoubtedly, was the wonderful company.  I think back to a time before I knew either of these two and I count my blessings for the richness you add to my life.  


  1. Lovely. Stunning photos too. It would be nice to be on holiday all the time.

    1. Thanks Allanah, It sure was a marvellous time. I can't wait to share more photos and memories... I have tried so many new things with my class this week - got to love new learning.
      I think we would get sick of being on holiday all the time... maybe...
      Can't wait for the South Island road trip already!

  2. What a great array of photos! Some I don't even recognise. Must be up the magic mountain. Thanks for sharing those fun times.