Thursday, October 18, 2012

Feeling the passion of 'What Ed Said'

I have been carrying key notes of this post around with me for a while now and finally I find time to reflect on it!  Ten ways to differentiate learning
I really do value this thinking and these ten steps and I want to reflect on what they mean for me.  I think I embrace new learning and ideas when I personalise it - so here goes...

  • Let go - allow the learners to lead and learn and teach.
  • Change your expectations - this one challenges me - my expectations are very high and I always expect the unexpected.
  • Change the sequence - I liken this to Tara's concept of problem posing rather than problem solving, mix it up and flip it around.
  • Use technology creatively - make the technology sing... use, create, innovate;
  • Care about what matters to them - getting to know my learners all over again each term - keep up with where they are at and what motivates them;
  • Assess for learning - learning is a journey, set goals, reflect and learn along the way
  • Embrace inquiry as a stance - inquisitive learners are questioning, challenging and reflecting and questioning all over again;
  • Don't be the only teacher - we have a range of experts across all levels and I learn with, alongside and from my students daily;
  • Focus on the learning not the work - Learners know the journey and the multiple paths to success, 
  • Encourage goal setting and reflection - in everything we do we attempt to set a goal, challenge ourselves and reflect on our journey...
I am so inspired by this list. Thank you for sharing Edna Sackson - you are inspiring... 
I am working my way through the ten things series...

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