Friday, December 27, 2013


As the year comes to a close it is a great time to reflect on the journey.  It is almost 365 days since I received the call confirming my offer of adoption into the CORE whanau! Throughout the year I have been blessed with the opportunity of meeting most of CORE’s amazing staff, working in BeL south team, coming together with Bel Teams around New Zealand, learning and being at Turangawaewae, meeting and interacting with many other teams and people.  I have had the privilege of working in schools and facilitating a journey towards a blended learning environment to support all learners with a specific emphasis on our priority learners.  The ultimate MAGIC, he tangata, he tangata, he tangata!  The people in this organization are amazing!

I have recently spent two days with Bel South Team and believe some of our MAGIC and strength is in our diversity and in our complex and complimentary skill sets and personalities.  These last two days are unrecognizable from our first meeting when I was completely in awe of the team and completely unaware of anything I had to offer.  We have grown, in numbers, in strength and in team.  We are meshing together, collaborating, provoking and supporting each other. 

Being in the main office over these two days bought us into contact with whanau from all around the country and across many teams and projects.  The pure MAGIC of reconnecting, sharing a story, catching up with these amazing people is what makes CORE a family as opposed to a company.  Indeed, to me, it felt very much like a family reunion. 

Together we have had the privilege of reflecting on the challenges and successes of the year’s journey and the opportunity to glimpse the potential for our future with the Learning with Digital Technologies project.  We begin to see the pure MAGIC of Tatai Aho Rau in the way we weave together, support, nurture, provoke, challenge and grow together.

Karen Melhuish-Spencer issued a challenge. - to spend some time over the break really coming to know our song Tatai Aho Rau.  This beautiful song is a wonderful celebration of who we are, why and what we are!  Together we are CORE!  I willingly accept this challenge! 

As the year comes to a close I reflect on the journey and eagerly look forward to 2014!  I am very fortunate to be continuing my journey with CORE Education!  Woohoo!!!

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