Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Literacy Online Update 4 December 2013

Kia ora tātou,

Week eight,

What have you got planned for the last few weeks of learning?  Check out this collaborative crowd sourced resource.  How can you share or add to this growing resource? Finish the year with a bang!

How To Use Crowdsourcing In The Classroom Increasingly we are seeing crowd sourced documents created to grow a ready resource to meet a specific need.  You may like to check out some of them here:

Knowing my learners – in the Universal Design for Learning site in the vln.  Tessa has posted a link to the video by Principal Baruti Karele.
“You can't teach them if you don't know them."
This could be a very valuable resource for thinking how you are going to get to know your learners in the New Year. 
In this video he asks us to ask ourselves what we know about our learners:
·       keeping them inspired about learning and motivated to excel?
·       their learning styles?
·       their goals and aspirations?
·       their needs and interests?
·       their experiences and realities
·       their challenges obstacles and distractions?
·       their peers?
·       their neighbourhood?
·       their parents
·       their history and culture?

This post by Beth Holland is well worth a read.
With what we'll call Writing 3.0, students and teachers can:
·       Organize and draft through handwriting, drawing, text and voice
·       Collaborate and incorporate multimodal feedback
·       Create a final product that demonstrates mastery and communicates understanding beyond the literal confines of paper”
When the ipad is used for the entire process of crafting a piece of writing from planning, organising, drafting, through to collaborating with others and incorporating feedback and feed-forward the transformative power of the mobile device can be realised.

Following up from this post, you could check out the writing page in the blended e-learning literacy site in the vln.  This is a co-constructed resource for you to use, share and add to. 

Eduslam is a wonderful place to view educational youtube clips. I am linking a couple to this update but the whole site is worth exploring.

Digital Portfolios in the Primary Classroom with @kathycassidy

Episode 28 - Collaborative Writing in 3rd Grade with Carolyn Skibba

Blog posts to check out:

Survey – please help us to help you!
One way you can help us to help you is by taking 5-10 minutes to complete our Literacy Online Survey.  We really value your feedback; in fact we NEED it, to improve your experience with Literacy Online and the community forums. 

And coming next week… how to keep your priority learners learning over the break!

Ngā mihi nui

Anne Kenneally
Literacy Online Facilitator
CORE Education

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