Friday, February 14, 2014

Southland Roadie....

Four days, 1001 kilometres, 5 schools, fabulous scoping tour in the south!  Mark and I are just back from a wonderful Southland journey!  The accommodation shortage was almost unbelievable with the Waimumu field days claiming every available bed south of and including Dunedin.  The amazing Casey from Orbit managed to sort a bach at Colac Bay for us!

Reflecting on the journey we are really excited about the year ahead. There are a number of reasons this scoping trip was so successful.
We were well prepared....we knew so much about the schools before we visited,
We had made contact with the schools well in advance,
They had all the documentation well in advance and were able to ask us questions and  be aware of the PLD,

We were focused about sharing explicitly the bones of LwDT PLD; priority learners, teaching as inquiry,
We benefited hugely from the scoping experience of our team late last year
We work well together... Mark and I really complemented each other,
At times we were able to split up and work with different staff members,
Pairing meant one was able to mainly facilitate the chat, while the other took in-depth notes,
We followed a check list and were able to gather a HUGE range of info in the first visit,
We shared with each school the actions for them and for us out of our first meeting.

We were very comfortable sharing with schools our own personal journeys,
We have grown exponentially since we started in this role,
We had fun!!!!!!!
Thanks Mark for an awesome Southland Scoping journey.

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