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Literacy Update 7 February 2014

Kia ora tātou,
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all and welcome back!  I sure hope you have had a relaxing break. My test of a great holiday is the number of books I read and this was definitely a great break. My commitment for 2014 is to make more time for both personal and professional reading.   
Yesterday I read Paul Jennings The Reading Bug …and how to help your child catch it! I cannot believe this very easy read has taken until now to find me.  I believe it should be a compulsory text for parents, teachers, aunts, uncles, grand parents, everyone!  I would like to suggest, if you have not already done so, you add it to your ‘must read’ list.
As we head into a new year I really want to get to know what you would like support with. What can we help you achieve?

We really want to build a collaborative online community that is responsive to your needs. Please pose questions to encourage discussion, networking and collaborating as we work to improve outcomes for all our learners.  

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New Resources
Exciting news - Connected 2013 now has digital versions of each article available online. Most of the text, images and videos are also available in Google Drive for teachers and students to download, copy and reuse for educational purposes.
You must attribute the writers, illustrators, and photographers of any material you reuse. Acknowledgements are found at the end of each Google Slides article, and on the inside back cover of each printed issue.
As with previous years, there is teacher support material for most of the articles (available in PDF and MS word formats)
The focus of the Connected 2013 series is on the Nature of Science strand and the science capability: Gather and interpret data.
The titles are
Useful ideas to start the year
  • Technology no substitute for reading time: Mem Fox This is a fabulous read!  It really is crucial that we are present and reading to our learners.  I spent some time in the holidays reminiscing with my daughter about the pile of books I would read to her before bedtime each day.  She has such fond memories and I am sure we got so much out of the experience by choosing, discussing and reflecting on the books together.
  • Are any of you familiar with 4 Stages of Learning a Word? Learning vocabulary is so important and these steps may be useful for you to reflect on and implement into your programme.
  • 30 Ideas for Teaching Writing is full of a wonderful array of ideas for you to discuss and reflect on as you think about your approaches to teaching writing.  With a repertoire of ideas to use and share, the writing programme should be stimulating and fun.
Have you joined the literacy online vln group? If not, please join up.  There is a wealth of resources there to explore and use.

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