Friday, February 7, 2014

What a whirl

Here I am, up in the air again…
What a week!  Two days with my team! 
Monday with Derek was inspirational.  I just can’t get enough of this Modern Learning Pedagogy.  As we worked our way through the CBAM model again another layer of clarity came to be.  This can be an incredibly transformative framework.  As we used it to surface our questions, our concerns became apparent.  This is a very powerful model. 
Tuesday night, Christchurch tweet-up! What a wonderful opportunity to keep in touch with my Christchurch friends.  We met at Merry Thai and shared a wonderful meal, great chat, and incredible camaraderie.  From here, we have decided to take it in a couple of directions.  We Plan to meet regularly at a range of venues around Christchurch, especially when I am up at the ‘flat’!  We also plan to grow the group by inviting others to join us whenever they are able.  A third innovation is creating a Google Doc to share as and when we want to!  There really is nothing better than keeping in touch with friends and meeting new friends. 

Today was spent working with Mark as we plan for our Southland adventure next week!  All planned and sorted until, shock, horror, we find out that Invercargill accommodation is booked out!  I am sure we will come up with something but we could have even more travel than we are anticipating.

As we work in a new model this year in the Learning with Digital Technologies PLD, we are increasingly operating in a collaborative, blended way.   What exciting times ahead for us all.

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