Thursday, May 15, 2014

AFL Rules

Katie and I had the pleasure of attending the AFL game at the MCG ON Saturday night. It was an awesome spectacle, all pinked out for Breast Cancer awareness. 
The game was between Melbourne and the Western Bulldogs.  Of course Katie and I were supporting Melbourne and we were delighted when Melbourne took the lead for the first time.  The game was close throughout and the lead changed often in the fourth and final quarter until the bulldogs had a couple of lucky breaks and streaked ahead.
We were exceptionally lucky to have prime seats near the ground and to be sitting in front of a group of supporters who cheered for the Melbourne team by name to add to our interest of the game! 
Katie and I decided to list the top ten rules we were able to deduce from the spectacle in front of us:
  • You can play the ball with any part of your body although we wouldn't recommend the face;
  • You can go anywhere on the field at any time, like anywhere;
  • Play mainly takes place inside the circle field except for when it doesn't;
  • Referees wear cute uniforms and have the inauspicious privilege of projecting the ball back into the field of play, throwing it over their head with varying degrees of weirdness while they face the audience... Hiiiii guys;
  • There are four quarters of approximately 30 minutes each, I say approximately as it varied between 28 and 34 minutes, um can you guys count?!
  • Originally this rule was gonna be no girls allowed on the field but then we seen a girl do this weird two hand signal meaning a goal had been scored... You go girl, do that job!!!
  • The goal posts don't actually need a bar across them I mean kick it along the ground if you want, same amount of points so why not save some leg strength;
  • If there is a point where the ref isn't sure on which way the call should go they blow the whistle and chuck the ball at the ground in another weird twist of events;
  • There isn't just one score for each team, that would be far too easy. No there are 3 scores each. We did work out what they meant, but who cares! Why the heck do ya need three scores each?!
  • And finally, it's not real rugby so it isn't really ok to tackle! Well it is sometimes but if the pile builds up to more than about 3 then the whistle is blown because apparently piling on top of each other isn't the point of this game, hey you learn something new every day!!!!!!
Obviously I owe a heap of gratitude to Katie for her humorous addition to this post... Encouraging her to start her own blog as we speak....

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