Monday, May 12, 2014

Best Mother's day ever.....

It is hard to explain how perfect today has been!  The day started as all perfect days do with a sleep-in, followed by a swim in the rooftop pool.  

This was followed by a scrumptious brunch on the waterfront at Docklands!  As we walked around the waterfront we hired bikes and spent the next two hours cycling around the Yarra River, having a MAGIC time in the sunshine!  

We followed this up with yet another MAGIC shopping session resulting in me purchasing the most amazing purple boots!!!!! Oops and a pair of grey boots too!  They were just too nice and too soft to leave in the shop.....

A relaxing stop at the Boatshed saw us relaxing in deck chairs in the sun on the banks of the Yarra River enjoying a platter and a cold drink!

The day concluded with us booking an awesome adventure down the Great Coast Road tomorrow, then dinner!

A truly perfect day!!!  Thank you Katie for the best day ever!!!

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