Thursday, April 9, 2015

Closing Keynote Always Learning Kimberley Hall

Always learning...

Looking at the world through the eyes of our learners!  
Constantly learning and adapting.

Learning is not linear and we cannot control how it happens...

Disruptive technology... eg using device to capture notes can be messy...

The only thing that is constant is change... (Heraculis) and we are living in a time of constant change!


  • Words matter
  • Saying yes is very important
  • Making language visible through actions and words
  • Our perspective matters - how often do we step back and learn through our kids eyes?

When there is a correct answer -a must watch.... oh the power of our words....
  • the process matters - sometimes the process matters more than the product
  • assess the present - not the past - the power of YET!!!!!
  • mindset - saying to our kids... yet - you may not be there yet - but you will get there....
  • anticipate failures!  Embrace failures....
  • being social matters
  • collecting all the data is a waste of time!  Only when we do something with it does it matter!
  • who you are learning with is important
  • what am I doing to make others great? (hmmm a whole new blog post percolating....)
  • teaching matters....
  • how are we ensuring technology is making a BIG enough difference?
  • WOW WOW WOW.... the more we connect the better it gets!!!
ABSOLUTLEY MAGIC closing keynote!!!! 

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