Thursday, April 9, 2015

Keynote A World of Possibilities Chris Betcher

If everything is already working... why change it?
Why integrate technology?

What to do when you meet with resistance... start by asking the learners...

1980s arrival of technology in the classrooms...
1990s internet! Change again - visionary educators grappling with the possibilities.

Technology should be like oxygen, should be invisible necessary and its just there...

Technology removes friction:
eg airbnb, uber, elance, connecting people with people, with needs etc  The internet has at its heart - finding a way for two people or things to connect in a way that wasn't previously possible....
eg - the demise of record stores and video stores...

Remember schools... are we at risk of becoming irrelevant? Are we ready for the changes necessary to ensure schools are still relevant?

We have so many options for learning now...

 A curious kid with the internet can learn anything they want.

How hard is it to do something... 3
How hard is it to do something well.... 9
The difference between the 3 and the 9 is where we come in... Feedback, interaction, feed forward, reflection, this is the non-technical support that goes in to make the difference...

Mark Prensky's idea of nouns and verbs... 

We get the kids to do the verbs....
We get really hung up on the nouns... That is not our job!
Our job is the verbs...

Eg compare.... photoshp, youtube, google sheets, pic collage...

The verbs are the what matter..... the nouns are simply the HOW!

Kids need the support of a wisdom voice!  That is where we come in!  Our job is to do the 'quality control'... 

Keep doing the verbs - we do that well!  

Going google:

  • Support learning
  • Simplicity
  • Self sufficiency
  • Choice
  • Increased space
  • Reduce costs
  • The web is the future
Stories from the classroom:
Learn to search:
  • Teach search as a skill
  • Be a detective
  • Search to answer questions
  • Search to satisfy curiosity
  • Make search a challenge
  • Teach search using voice

How are we using search well?

Much easier if you start with a picture to force a mystery search.

Managing data and graphing results with Sheets.  Collaborative compilation, analysis of data. 

Learners collaborating on Google slides - speed of which data can be gathered is increased.  

Google Earth - geotools.  Explore earth!  Technology allows a richness that simply isn't available unless you are there.

Adjectives - describe, add an image, caption and attribute.  Write why you think this picture is a great image for the adjective. Powerful use of technology... explore this more for use with schools

Learn, unlearn, relearn... real quick!

Use technology in ways that important things richer, enriches great teaching, teachers are more important than ever...

Scary - maybe!  

But if you're a real teacher, how can you not be inspired by the possibilities....   Chris Betcher!!!

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  1. This was one of the best keynotes I've ever heard, and your notes on it are fantastic!