Thursday, April 9, 2015

Searching online - the essential literacy skill for the modern day student Kimberley Hall

Search - as a key role!
Our kids are getting better are finding stuff!  How are we supporting them to get better at discerning....

Have the tissues ready... 

Searching well - you should find what you are looking for in the top two results...

Voice search:

Are we ensuring that we teach searching by voice.
Conversational search.

Use voice search to assist with spelling.
Allows overcoming spelling barriers.

Google search by voice on phone!!! Woohoo!!!

In Chrome - searching in the Omnibox - url bar

Using the onmibox:
Define: to use as a dictionary
Automatic calculator
Conversion - eg lbs to kg
Set timer 
Search for person, place or thing - you now get a knowledge graph! Google is trying to give answers to things you haven't asked yet! Google is accumulating the wealth of information frequently searched...

Knowledge graph down the right side is well worth exploring!

Advanced search - to allow for searching for images that you are able to use....

Searching - using - is the same as not...
Make sure you leave no space between the -and or the +and
~searches your word and similar terms

Actually teaching learners how to use advanced search!
Empower learners to validate sources... eg educational sites....    .edu

Filter by file type....

Search 1980...1985 search for date range

Explore the ability to search image by colour, by size, ... Really important for us to share this with our learners...

Highlight any word in a search - drag and drop to tab bar and it will search this term....

Google books - check this out..... WOW  - use to allow learners to search... disasters, comparing events.....

Absolutely BRILLIANT Session.... Thanks Kimberley!!

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