Monday, September 7, 2015

Keri Facer - Learning Futures

Holistic view to rethink educational institutions.  Focussed on future building not future thinking.

  • Live with technologies that are able to disrupt - what are the boundaries, Living responsibly, critically, ethically with these technologies

  • How does education help us live with environmental change?

  • How do we cope with living with a shift towards a very different population structure?

  • How to build real economic resilience? Building resilient and powerful communities.

Rethinking these challenges in a new model of education - educative hope!  

Imagining the alternatives, new environments, building from the bottom up.  What is the relationship of education with its local community?

Schools are massively powerful places!

Young people have a lot of power. 

Schools can change the world in aggregate!

All public data is going to be open and available to all.  

Young people have the ability to access and critique this information.  

Educated hope!!!

Schools and society working together to reimagine the world...

Schools as the centre of local innovation!  

What happens when you begin to really re-think schools.

HUGE challenges to us!  New Zealand's curriculum allows for personalised curriculum.  Are we releasing the power of students to change the world?  

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