Monday, September 7, 2015

Te Reo Manahua Māori - Topic 2.3: He rawe kē! He kino kē! Likes and Dislikes

Focus  this week:
  • Negative sentences
  • The use of kīwaha

Kia whitu hinganga, kia waru aranga ake.
Fall seven times, arise eight times.
This whakatauk sure is a great one for me this week. I have really been struggling to keep up.

Reomation Challenge:
Transcript and Translation
Ngā tohu huarere mō āpōpō
Weather forecast for tomorrow
Tēnā koutou katoa, anei ngā tohu huarere mō āpōpō.
Greetings all, here’s the weather forecast for tomorrow
Ka pupuhi te hau.
The wind will blow.
He tika tāu.
You’re right…
Ka heke te ua.
The rain will fall.
Ka huka te ua.
The snow will fall.
Engari mō tēnā!
Not on your nellie. No way.
Ka whiti te rā.
The sun will shine.
Tērā pea
E whā ngā kaupeka i te rā kotahi.
Four seasons in one day…
Ka riro koe ki whea?
Day dreamer…

I have to take a moment to acknowledge the support I am receiving.  Gemma, you are incredible, you are patient, supportive and challenging in just the right mix for me!

Today I needed support with a sentence structure for ‘four seasons in one day”.  Moments after posting my request I received help from someone previously unknown to me.  I also acknowledge Te Mihinga and Tahu for their continued support.  My tweet has also received some retweets and I am aware of the importance of me sharing my learning journey.  For me, it is a HUGE challenge and I am very comfortable to share and acknowledge this.  
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