Saturday, October 1, 2016

CENZ16_Starter Kete - Blogging challenge!

So, I have been wondering how I can really focus on what it is to be a connected educator. On my flight home from WOW (World of Wearable Arts Awards) in Wellington, I decided to work my way through each day of the starter kete and blog my journey. So here goes…

“Connections change teaching practice.” I have believed this for the longest time. Being connected with educators locally, nationally and globally, I have the potential to be a far more future focused, reflective educator than I do alone. “As educators grow into connected learners, they not only start to ask more critical questions of each other related to practice, but they also begin to actively listen and closely attend to varied perspectives that may help the community of learners to move forward.” 

What a surprise for me as I read through this day one, to find Claire and my edTalk, Something to tweet about.

Reflection on Day 1. My life as an educator changed significantly on the 23rd of February 2010 when I joined Twitter. Up until that day, I felt my professional development had been very much limited to face to face conversations, conferences and reading. From the day of joining, I found Twitter offered me an opportunity to connect and network with educators who were grappling with similar challenges, exploring possibilities and pushing boundaries. I am forever grateful to Claire Buist for introducing me to Twitter. Since joining my twitter PLN has grown to include educators across the world. Many of these educators have been hugely influential in my educational pathways, and have supported, challenged and encouraged me. Many of these educators I now have the pleasure of calling colleagues and friends. Many of these educators have enriched my life in ways too numerous to detail. 

I cannot help but encourage you to explore day one and connect and find or extend your PLN. 

This sketchnote from the amazing Sylvia Duckworth, a twitter colleague and friend, captures the MAGIC of Twitter for us!

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  1. Does that mean that we are constantly attached to our devices instead of one to one conversations. My question is do we ever sit down to and just be in the moment with our loved ones?